Nekmar Pets Nutrition was not born in the usual way when a businessman or investment company decide to invest in pet business simply because their financial adviser said it might be a good investment opportunity while they might have never shared their life with a dog or a cat!


Nekmar Pets Nutrition was created by one of world most successful dog experts Ivana & Marin Nekić of Nekmar Akitas fame, after becoming multiple World and European champions with their beloved akitas this team decided to give back. That’s why we like to say that our recipes are made BY DOG PEOPLE FOR DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE.


We strongly believe in power of knowledge, education & recommendation.Having that in mind Nekmar Pet Nutrition products are available for sale by “hands on“ professionals only. You will not find our products in a classic pet store unless this pet store accompanies a working animal practice.

This concept was created to ensure that the right product is always recommended to the right animal regardless of margins, budgets or tv commercials.

Our Goal

To provide best nutrition for pets in the world. Not only to satisfy their nutritional needs but to also support their health, appearance & longevity.