In Nekmar Pets Nutrition we like to say that HEALTHY IS HAPPY!


Having that in mind here is a short list of common questions and our answers in order to help you choose the right product for your pets healthy diet or to find recipe that targets your pets health problem.

1. What kind of recipes are Nekmar Ultrapremium range?

In Nekmar brand we have two groups of products :

– Low grain recipes based on meat (fresh meat is included in each recipe) & brown rice with addition of medicinal herbs and fruit. In our low grain recipes you will find 50-60% animal ingredients.

-Grain free recipes that are based on very high meat content (fresh meat is included in each recipe) & potato as carbohydrate source with addition of medicinal herbs and fruit. In our grain free recipes you will find around 70% animal ingredient.

2. What ''Holistic'' stands for in Nekmar recipes?

Ever wondered why dogs often eat grass when they have ill stomach and did you know that this behavior was observed in the wild dogs too? Medicinal herbs have been used in human medicine practices since prehistoric times and nowadays we are increasingly turning back to natural solutions


Nekmar Pets Nutrition goes beyond providing our pets a complete nutritious meal, it also cares about our dogs health by adding carefully selected medicinal herbs to all our recipes to promote healthy&happy life. HEALTHY IS HAPPY!

3. What kind of meat is used in preparation of Nekmar recipes?


Nr.1 ingredient in all Nekmar recipes is meat, not only that but you will find that FRESH MEAT is included in each recipe.

4. What technology is used for producing Nekmar recipes?

Nekmar recipes are steam cooked and extruded in double screw extruder in order to keep all the healthy nutrients in the food and healthy for your pet.

5. Fussy eater, which recipe should I use?

Dogs love ALL our recipes because the technology that is used to produce our recipes keeps the ingredients as preserved and fresh as possible. Our grain free recipes have the highest meat content so maybe you could try with this range first.

Dogs LOVE meat!

6. Sensitive stomach

If your pet has easily upset stomach we would suggest you try one of our low grain recipes that are based on chicken or fish meat. Brown rice in these recipes will aid proper digestion and will help digestion system recover from ailments while chicken and fish will make least stress on stomach.

7. Your dog is intolerant to all types of grain?

That is easy! Simply choose one of our fantastic grain free recipes, we even have grain free for puppies & juniors!

8. My dog is allergic to particular animal protein source, what should I do?

To fix this problem check out our Low – grain – monoprotein line. These recipes are specially designed to give possibility to choose specific protein source and avoid one that causes allergies to your pet.

9. Liver or diabetes problem?

Milk thistle is a completely natural remedy mainly used to treat liver problems, it is also used to help manage diabetes. Feel free to choose any of our recipes that include milk thistle and help your pet.

10. Coat & skin health

Healthy coat & skin come from the inside!

All our recipes will result with healthy skin and beautiful lush coats. Usually it will take around 4 weeks to make the coat healthy, vibrant and attractive. After feeding your dog to Nekmar recipe for 4 weeks give your pet a bath and enjoy, the change might just be dramatic!

11. When should I stop feeding my dog puppy&junior recipes?

Puppy&junior recipes should be fed until your dog gets out of his growing stage.

While some miniature breeds will stop growing as early as 6-8 months of age there are some breeds that will not finish their growth until 18 months of age.

As long as your dog is growing you should feed him puppy & junior recipes.

12. What products should I feed to my senior dog?

For your golden oldie we recommend one of our low grain adult recipes based on chicken. While chicken is easy digestible protein source these formulas also have added glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to help your golden oldie move with more ease.

13. Which product should I choose for my obese dog to loose weight?

Nekmar Pet Nutrition is happy to say we did not make a product that is made of nothing.


There is no better way to keep your dog fit other than to provide him proper exercise – nutrition – rest routine.

By providing a product that has volume but no calories to match is not the correct way to go in our opinion.


Here is a couple tips that that might help you reach desired results:
– allow your dog healthy exercise
– cut the food amount by 10-15% from usual
– split daily amount into 2 meals a day and make morning meal 60-70% of daily amount
– add warm water over the food just before feeding it to the dog

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